Garment Bag Wallet Manufacturer

If you talk about MARKAZ fashion, it is a factory which produces many garments in the clothing line. Moreover, the factory also makes wallets and bags. MARKAZ fashion is an Indonesian garment bag wallet manufacturer that offers the best service at low prices. And strive to meet customer demand in all kinds of fashion styles at lower prices than other similar industries.

Indonesian  Garment  Bag  Wallet  Manufacturer

MARKAZ fashion is the best partner for your clothing supply. The wallet and bags are good products that are offered for men’s fashion line. The material is sturdy, but the price is still cheap. The model and design are also modern and trendy. Many customers would love buying the products.

MARKAZ fashion is an Indonesian garment bag wallet manufacturer for men and women of all ages. The bags include a school bag, sling bag, fashion bag, jansport, as well as a pocketbook. These wallets and bags are made of the finest quality smooth leather to give the wearer the best appearance.

Besides wallets and bags, MARKAZ fashion also provides many products such as;

  1. Backpack factory, souvenir, rucksack, handbag, faux leather purse, briefcase, canvas wallet, thule crossover and others.
  2. Knitting craftsmen, drawstring bag, men’s belt maker, traveling suitcase, laptop compartment, packaging pouch etc.
  3. Manufactures all kinds of other fashion styles that haven’t been mentioned here.

Many kinds of clothes can be requested here, from the upper body until the lower body, from the casual to the formal one. You can choose the material and design, but the factory surely will give you the best result.

In summary, MARKAZ fashion will fulfill your need for clothing, wallet, and bags in any kind. The quality is the best and is not expensive. You can use it as a partner for a supplier or private consultant.

For ordering at the Indonesian garment bag wallet manufacturer, please contact

Phone : +62 31 5947609
SMS : +62 817 0314 5019
Facebook : MARKAZ fashion
Twitter : @MARKAZfashion
WA : +62 817 0314 5019
Line :

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